27 April 2015

New domain added

We added a new domain, www.degiovannini.eu

17 April 2015


The revised and approved version of the website is now online. Some more projects, in particular at the "interior" section, will be soon uploaded.
[NTD] "I would like to spend few words to thank all the persons that helped to achieve this great result, coworkers and friends that had been involved into this amazing project. In the past fifteen years I never considered social networks and web communication to be suitable to our activity maybe because of a native introversion, maybe because feeling a lack of professional experience in the field or just insecurity. Today, 2015, after thinking about it for a long while, under the pressure of coworkers and friends, and looking at the great results that myself, together with my team have achieved during the years, I am really proud to show and share the challenging work we had been through." Marco De Giovannini (13 April 2015)

10 April 2015

We are now "social" in full!

We will now post all the news and other generic information on Facebook. We will also use the Facebook platform to post some easy-to-follow tips and references about design and architecture; what happens in the world and what interests us. At this stage we can state "We are social in full" giving our customers and supporters the opportunity to follow us on several social platforms. visit our Facebook page...

27 March 2015

On YouTube

Pretty soon we will share some videos about our practice and the projects we are involved into. visit our YouTube channel...

27 March 2015

...and Pinterest account

We have decided to share some more pictures on Pinterest. Here we will post our projects' pictures mostly in portrait orientation keeping Flickr for landscape orientation. Moreover we will "pin" our inspirational images. check it out...

20 March 2015

Flickr account

The new Flickr account is open and working. Check out our projects' pictures there. check it out...

13 March 2015

...almost done!

The beta version of the website had been uploaded.

09 March 2015

New office

We moved to a new location. UBH Center, 12th floor, obviously in Ulaanbaatar. check it out...