NAME: Accton Technologies Corporation Headquarter
LOCATION & YEAR: Hsinchu, Taiwan - 2004
TYPE: Architectural Competition, 4th prize
DESCRIPTION: The program of 42.000 sqm for the new headquarter, hosting offices, conference rooms, a gym, bars and restaurants plus 20.000 sqm for parking garage had been divided into seven towers that stand like rocks in a natural environment and the main theme had been inspired by the novel "De Kabouter" of R. Poortvliet (Dutch writer). The towers have natural ventilation and natural lighting and a multitude of windows should allow every employee to have his own window. The park had been compacted into a strip that leads from the buildings to a bird watching location.
The project had been published on TA - TAIWAN ARCHITECTURE (magazine, No.100, 2004) and HUNCH - Double Dutch (The Berlage Insitute Report, No.8, 2004)
CREDITS: M. De Giovannini, R. S. Knoester and H. Liao