NAME: Public Park
LOCATION & YEAR: Domodossola, Italy - 2006
TYPE: Landscape Design Competition, 2nd prize
DESCRIPTION: Design for the renovation of an existing public park. A continuous curved landscape goes over the existing street to connect the two plots of the design area with a multi-layered organisation to maximize the surface. The linear layout is directed toward the mountainscape that it is intended to be a special visual quality. Repositioning part of the existing trees will allow more luminosity and more visibility to the mountains. A soft curved path is placed over the linear elements as an attractive route through the park that runs through the different elements and it will give to the visitors different experiences. Extra commercial program is positioned under the park landscape along the crossing street giving to the street itself an urban facade and allowing an economic use of the area.
CREDITS: M. De Giovannini & R. S. Knoester