"Great performance can never come without great people and culture, and the opposite is also true – great people and culture are affiliated most with high-performing organizations. We can argue over which drives the other. But there is one undeniable truth: [...] the key differentiators are the team, their purpose, and their culture. The team is the company’s raw DNA, the purpose their religion, and culture their unique way of operating based on common principles, norms, and values." (Harvard Business Review - Anthony K. Tjan)

Dott. Massimiliano Regoli

Graphic design and marketing. (Ulaanbaatar office)
email: office.ub@degiovannini.it
skype: massimiliano.regoli

Dott. Arch. Roberto Stroscio

Interior design and details development. (Milan office)
email: office.mi@degiovannini.it
skype: roberto.stroscio

Dott. Ing. Vincenzo Tione

South Asia business operation. (Kuala Lumpur)
email: enquiries@degiovannini.it
skype: vincenzo.tione